Dry strength properties of paper or paperboard related to bonding area can be enhanced mechanically through refining of pulp or the use of dry strength additives. Traditional practices optimize the use of these techniques to produce paper or paperboard with an acceptable combination of properties and machine performance. Many factors are involved in producing paper or paperboard with the desired characteristics at the lowest cost possible. Operating efficiency and raw material costs are key factors in competing in today’s highly competitive business environment.Balancing the use of traditional tools to optimize these factors is key to a company’s operational performance.

Cerealus encapsulation technology has been developed to increase the options available to the paper/paperboard maker to help reduce raw material costs, improve performance of existing products, open the door for the deve
lopment of enhanced products, and increase the operating efficiency of paper/paperboard equipment.
CERECARB® is the new game changing technology from Cerealus! Developed to increase ash levels, replace purchased fiber, reduce basis weight or enhance production capabilities, CERECARB® delivers! Through our CERECARB® technology, we enable paper mills to significantly increase the strength of their paper.  The mills can choose to leverage this improvement to increase their ash content, reduce fiber usage, improve runability, change pulp or furnish mix, develop new grades or simply improve the quality of their paper product.
  • Increase ash levels up to 10%

  • a wet end starch replacement

  • increased wet-web strength

  • enhanced printability